Okay so I got a little behind. A few weeks ago, my fridge was overflowing with greens and things begging to be eaten. Fortunately, we’ve entered soup season.

I used two huge bunches of swiss chard in a big batch of this curried red lentil and swiss chard soup with garbanzo beans. Really yum and I froze most of it.

I tossed almost everything else I still had laying around – greens, beans, peppers, summer squash, celery, onions, into a big pot of minestrone soup. I didn’t follow a recipe, but I didn’t take notes either. This one sounds good if you’re the recipe following type and still have a few lingering summer veggies in the fridge.

We’ve been getting loads of brussels sprout greens (which is the top of the plant from which brussels sprouts come from) and when in doubt about what to do with a green, just add bacon. No recipe necessary here. Just fry up some bacon, sauté your chopped greens in a little bacon grease and then add your chopped cooked bacon back in. Roasted potatoes make a perfect accompaniment for this one.

And finally, I roasted all my eggplants and froze those too. I’ll use them throughout the winter with pasta or in curries.


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