waalkes-newborn-LARGE-111Hi! I am Alicia.


On a typical Saturday afternoon, you might find me in the kitchen while my husband chops wood outside. Do we live in the country? Nope, we’re in a neighborhood on the west side of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I like to call us urban pioneers of sorts.

I’m wife to the hardest working man I know, mama to the sweetest baby boy and two little girls I know, and child of the most gracious God I know.

My husband and I are raising our family in the city, in community, learning as we go as we live in a way that is so very different from the culture around us.

I don’t have a picture-perfect life and I did not create this blog because I want you to think that I do. Really.

I made this little space because God created me to create. Because I have to believe that the words and phrases and ideas in my mind, the things I create in the kitchen and around the house, are worth writing down and are worth taking pictures of and are worth something to someone else too.

I hope that something here resonates with you, challenges you, inspires you, or teaches you anything at all. Welcome, friend! I hope to hear from you.

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