Well, this is embarrassing. The reason this post is so late is because by the end of our CSA late in October, I wasn’t eating anything that came from our CSA. I was back to the old standbys of bagels and cream cheese and ginger tea. Vegetables became repulsive to me. Sad, but true, and worth it all because…

baby baby

…we’re having a baby!

And I’m back to eating vegetables and not gagging every time I open the fridge. Hello second trimester.

We are oh-so-excited to be growing our family. Stay tuned for more updates and again, sorry for my silence. Happy new year, all!

(And P.S., back to the CSA thing, I was able to share loads of produce with friends to whom I owe the world anyways, as well as freeze up several soups, that I’m hoping will start to sound good to me as this winter gets underway.)

csa weeks twenty – twenty two :: an announcement