IMG_9539Last week, we were delighted, as usual, with a whole lot of greens. And a few non-greens too: summer squash, kohlrabi and snap peas!

How in the world did your little family eat that much green in a week? you might be asking.

Well, let me tell you.

Wednesday (pick-up day): We enjoyed a fresh romaine salad and a stir-fried summer squash alongside our (vegan and kinda weird) sloppy joes.

Thursday: I sautéed the swiss chard with another summer squash and some chicken sausage. I stirred in a can of tomato paste and a cup or so of water to make a nice thick sauce, added a few ounces of goat cheese, and served over pasta.

Friday: We fired up the grill for some venison steaks, and ate sautéed kale and red onions along with roasted potatoes.

Saturday: Pasta again, linguini this time, with steamed peas and a romaine salad.

Sunday and Monday I didn’t need to cook, glory!

Tuesday: I used that giant Chinese cabbage to make a salad. Of course I am nearly incapable of following recipes, but I love using this one as a framework for my Chinese cabbage salad. I added the kohlrabi and rest of the red onions to my salad.

Oh, and we had the kohlrabi greens earlier in the week, sautéed and served with (our usual) rice and beans for lunch.

And, true confessions, I have one green left in my fridge that I have no idea what it is!


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