We had a big work day at Ryan’s parents’ house last weekend. My job: harvesting the carrots that had sat in the ground all winter long. And the best part of the job – I got to take most of the carrots home!

I decided to put them up, since it was more than we could eat and I’d love to have them for soups when winter rolls around again. And since I hadn’t used my pressure canner in a few years, but hope to do a fair amount of canning this coming summer and fall, I decided a small batch of canned carrots would be a perfect way to get some practice in.

I used the simple recipe from my good ole Ball canning book.

First I peeled the carrots and let them sit in a nice cold bath while I worked.

IMG_9328I then sliced trimmed off the ends and any bad spots, and chopped them up, again tossing them in cold water, it seemed this helped them from browning while I worked.


I packed them into the hot jars, added salt and then boiling water.IMG_9338


I screwed on hot lids,
IMG_9347and loaded up my pressure canner. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty intimated by this thing!

I hauled out the instruction manual and followed the directions. After letting the steam escape for 7 minutes, I added the regulator and sustained 10 pounds of pressure for 25 minutes.IMG_9358


We all survived and got 7 pints of carrots out of the deal. An early, small, but successful  start to the canning season.

Bring on summer! Bring on the harvest!

why it is barely spring and i’m already getting ready for winter