A few months ago, I was feeling overcome by wanting. We live a simple life. And I really am content with the things I have; in fact, I love giving things away and living with less because I hate spending all my time rearranging stuff.

But still, these thoughts of want were swirling around my head and I could not make them stop. So, I wrote them down. And now, because God has already provided a few of these things in very cool ways, I am sharing my list here. I will continue to update it as Jehovah Jireh, My Provider, supplies all my needs.

the things i find myself wanting:

  • a dishwasher
  • a minivan
  • a fence around our yard
  • a play set in the yard: the day after I wrote this list, my sister-in-law asked if we wanted the wooden play set from her parent’s house. for free.
  • a new deck
  • a magnolia tree
  • a weeping willow
  • large colorful pots on the porch and deck
  • an ergo baby carrier: june 13, the day before we were leaving for a camping trip, i was checking craig’s list for an ergo. i only had $50 to spend (that came as an unexpected baby gift), which isn’t much for an ergo. an ergo was posted that day for $60, i called and asked if she would take $50, and she did.
  • a new lens for my camera
  • a matching set of white dishes: july 20, someone from a partnering church posted that they were giving away a set of white large and small plates, soup bowls, and mugs. i picked them up a few days later. we love them.
  • the kitchen redone
  • a pantry room
  • to find a volunteer babysitter one day/week so I can volunteer a full day of work for our ministry
on wanting

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  • August 13, 2013 at 3:33 am

    yes! i’m glad you shared this whole list. it’s SO COOL to see which things Papa has already provided! beautiful. i’m encouraged to revisit lists i’ve written in the past so that i can see how many He’s graciously given me; and to write more lists as needed. this is such good fodder for praise and thanksgiving.

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